A MAZE. Night of Machinima VII: ArmyAnimals

A MAZE. Night of Machinima VII: ArmyAnimals - Workshop

Learn Machinima!

Rabbit and Dog are cool detectives. Ponies playing Charlie’s Angels. A garden gnome fights a Tyrannosaur Rex. ..Animals are not always little and cute. In Games, they give everything – Like in a race of soldiers on giant chickens. Oh and soldiers: Scrambled in limited virtual space, they find the weirdest stuff to do. Forget war, do parkour: Jump from wall to wall and.. why stop there? We can use one of these big helicopters for that too, right? //

Who wants to get active: Come early at 17:00 to a lecture and workshop, where you’ll build you own machinima. Bring you laptop and register until 23.6. at matthias@amaze-festival.de.

Sa. 30. Juni 2012
Einlass: 20:30
Start: 21:00 (Geschlossen ab 21:30)
Kreutziger Str.18
Berlin – Friedrichshain

Matthias Löwe

Filmclub K18

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/325976164144942/