Tipp: CSM Insider Talk

40th anniversary of the first home video game Odyssey
Live Skype talk with Ralph H. Baer, the inventor of home video games. Interviewed by Dr. Stefan Höltgen (media researcher Humboldt University Berlin) and Andreas Lange (Computerspielemuseum). In front of the interview a screening of an almost unkown video demonstration of te late 1960 will take place. In it Baer envisions interactive TV and shows some potential use cases of the Odyssey console. A very interesting discovery for all who are interested in media history. Last but not least an original Odyssey System will be offered to play.

Fee: Pay what you want (valid for the exhibition from up 7 pm, too)
Ort: Computerspielemuseum
Tag: 10. Mai, 2012
Zeit: 20:00 Uhr