A MAZE. Jump'n Run Bonus Cheat 2012

A MAZE. Jump'n Run Bonus Cheat

What the fuck are you playing?
Apr 27 2012 - Apr 28 2012
Entrance fee: 
€12 and free entrance with 2 days festival pass

A MAZE. Jump‘n‘Run Bonus Cheat is a club night in which the relationship between art, music and video will be playfully explored and made tangible. Through the combination of band performances, live acts and DJ sets on the one hand, and interactive installations, playful visuals and computer-game-based objects of exposition on the other, the club becomes an all-embracing artistic experience.

Music made by:
Jackson and his Computerband (DJ)
Je deviens dj en 3 jours (Live)
Henry Homesweet (Live)
Debmaster (Live)

The club architecture will be actively included into the realization. Ludic interfaces connect the different rooms, with computer games encouraging communication and interaction between the participants. Experimental, playfully motivated performances of internationally renowned artists will also shape the environment. The space of communication allows for a common language that works independently from the limitations of space.

Location: What?! - Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 11, Berlin
Date: April 27, 2012
Open: 9pm
Close: open

Get a ticket: http://www.amaze-festival.de/indie-connect-2012

Debmaster / FR


Julien Deblois may look like a gifted chemist trying to find the answer to the universe origins in his test tubes. Mixing crazy beats from all kinds of music movements, he offers intense dancefloor anthems. Let him alone in a studio for a week and you’ll get a new series of them. Let him there with his mates Curse Ov Dialect, Thavius Beck, Subtitle and you’ll get a full EP ready to rock your world. Along with Débruit, Fulgeance, Nil Hartman and, before them, dDamage, Debmaster belongs to a neglected era of French Touch. Far from cheasy and catchy tracks as well as from dark IDM, these artists prove that you can dance, sweat and be curious at the same time.


Henry Homesweet / UK


22 Year Old Henry Homesweet replaces the DJ decks with Nintendo Gameboy’s & delivers Lo-Fi synchronized techno & electro worldwide. Utilizing the hand-held control of Nanoloop music software & the out-dated hardware of forgotten consoles, his live sets are mixed & improvised fresh from the sound-chip’s, offering a unique performance everytime, anywhere.


Jackson and his Computerband / FR


Jackson Fourgeaud began making music at the age of 15. After his acid house debut on Pumpking records in 1996, Sound of Barclay records released the "Sense Juice" and "Gourmet EPs" under the name Jackson & His Computer Band. In 2003 his fourth single, album opener "Utopia" was released. "Utopia" and "Radio Caca" feature vocals by his mother, birdpaula, a folk and blues singer. Warp Records picked up on these tracks, released on French imprint Sound Of Barclay, and signed him. "Utopia" from the album Smash, was used in the O2 ‘bubble’ ad campaign. "Minidoux" and "Hard Tits" from the album Smash were used in the Adult Swim "Super Violence Disclaimer," and "AcTN water Tanks" bumpers respectively. Smash was recorded at home and in various Paris studios. Jackson's also responsible for some of the artwork, including the inside painting. As for guests, again, his mother sings on the track "Fast life"; his four-year-old niece narrates the tale of a mad king on "Oh Boy" which Jackson wrote.


Je deviens dj en 3 jours


Je deviens dj en 3 jours (stands for “I become a dj in 3 days” and is often shortened to JDDJ3J) is a french electronic artist who creates all of his music on a Nintendo Gameboy from 1989. Fighting back an oppressive urge of technological sophistication which can be found in todays electronic music, he immediately found his unique sound signature made of unlikely waveforms – delivering a refreshing approach to techno music. Starting as live oriented artist, in 2008 he released his debut single ‘FINAL LAP’ on Somekind Records, followed by his first music video ‘CONGRATULATIONS’