Thorsten S. Wiedemann

A MAZE. Indie Games Award - Director statement

The full statement on the blog post edited by Ed Key, Winner of the 1. A MAZE. Indie Games Award 2012.

The A MAZE. Indie Connect Festival 2012 in Berlin was a real success. We had fantastic games at the exhibition including the ten nominees, great talks at the conference, workshops and plenty of time to meet, to play and to exchange. With Proteus by Ed Key and David Kanaga we saw an amazing winner at the first A MAZE. Indie Games Award - The Most Amazing Indie Game 2012.

2012 was the international Kick Off and I went full risk. Since 2008 A MAZE. is celebrating the convergence of games, art and music with exhibitions, parties and festivals and I've had from the beginning an eye on the indie games scene, because of its enormous artistic and experimental output which represents for me the arts of the 21.

To be honest we had some difficulties to get the festival budget together. It wasn't so easy when you do a festival from scratch, that size I liked to see. After the festival we just realized that the audience count was smaller as expected and we had a lack of money in the end.

Ed Key was advised of the situation from the beginning that he will receive the money until the end of 2012. The first rate, came definitely a bit too late, but other than that the money is paid and of course, in other circumstances I would have loved to pay him earlier. I can understand his disappointment and know that he is in need of the prize money as most of the independent game designers.

From my point of view the concerns about the call are not reasonable but I decided to pause the submissions until January 15. Indies who have already submitted their game won't be affected. The A MAZE. Indie Games Award is not at risk and is still worthwhile, not just because of the 5000€ prize money, it is about the visibility and the attention of Indie Games as the art form of our times.

I'm looking forward to all submissions after January 15 and to have Ed Key back on stage.

Happy holidays.
Thorsten S. Wiedemann
Festival director