Yeti Hunter

Premiere 02 for Berlin: Yeti Hunter by Vlambeer

YETI HUNTER is a game about hunting yetis.

Yeti Hunter was first released on the GDC show floor and it may well be the creepiest title that Vlambeer has manufactured yet. As you might have already guessed, you're going to be gunning down some Abominable Snowmen in this one. However, if you were expecting rampant mayhem and a cadre of collectible firearms, you would be wrong. Unlike most first-person shooters, Yeti Hunter is kind of on the quiet side.

It is set within the depths of a snow-laden pixelated forest. There's a smear of blood on the ground. All around you, snowflakes are tumbling down from the skies with not a care in the world. Your quarry? Nowhere in sight. Most of your time in Yeti Hunter is spent combing through the woods, alert for a fresh pool of blood or a flicker of movement. Though initially simple seeming, the tension in the game can ramp up when night falls. Will the hunter become the hunted? You don't know. Vlambeer didn't say. As the hunt continues, it's hard not to grow a little jumpy. How many are out there? Does your prey have family? Does it have angry family members hell-bent on immediate, messy revenge?

A lovely minimalist experience, Yeti Hunter should get an hour or so of your day today. Download the game here.

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