The Entries

Great games - check them out!

76 game entries for the first A MAZE. Games Award. The pre selection was hard and with a lot discussion in the groups. Thanks to all teams and individuals. You're awesome!!!

Afterhour before the Hour

Club simulation

Relive the Berlin nights and days. Break the dancefloor in the clubs and shake your booty at the afterhours. Various colorful "substances" help you stay awake for days and days and days. Never stop dancing and become the worst party animal in the capital of techno; or die trying!

Age of Defenders

RTS Tower Defense Game

Age of Defenders is totally addictive multiplayer TD game where you defend your base and in the same time attack your enemies.

AirBuccaneers HD

Co-Operative Vehicle-based Team Deathmatch

AirBuccaneers is a Co-operative Vehicle-based Team Deathmatch game. Players engage in fierce airship battles between the Buccaneers and the Vikings in beautiful Scandinavian landscapes. Seamless teamwork and deep co-operation are at the heart of the game.

All At Once


All At Once is a simple puzzle game where the player controls three circles to collect stars, with the catch being that all pieces move at the same time.



Astroslugs is a colorful and soothing puzzle board game for your iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch. It features the highly intelligent Astroslugs who travel through space and visit far-away planets to gather the prized Slug Energy.


Puzzle Platforming

Backworlds is an artistic puzzle platformer where each level has two layers and the player paints do decide which one is visible and active at any location.

Battle for Asciion

Space Shooter

Definitely, a game with "character"! Fly your way through the hords of backslashes, dots and every font symbol in the fanciest way ever. A frentic side scrolling shooter you won't forget.

Blade Symphony

Third Person Fighting

Blade Symphony is a 1v1 fighting game where you can change any attack as its happening. You play as a sword fighter and use badass fighting styles influenced by fencing, kenjutsu, and break dancing to outmaneuver your opponent.

Cargo Commander

Sidescrolling survival horror arcade game

"Cargo Commander centers around your average joe work-a-day space salvager looking to stay alive long enough to collect his credits and head back home to his family back on earth. Combine that with fast-paced, move-or-die platforming a Bruce Springsteen song and you'll get Cargo Commander."


One-button Arcade Game

Catch-22 is relaxing, self frustrating one-button game where you play against yourself endlessly.


Action / arcade mobile game

The game features a rare species of space animal called "Milky". The "Milkies" looks like a comet and once the player touch one of them, the Milky will follow his finger. If the player lifts his finger from the screen while a Milky is following it, the Milky will instantly die.

Dark Scavenger 01

Point and click adventure/RPG

"Dark Scavenger is an RPG that combines tactical turn-based combat with unique point-and-click adventure mechanics.

Players fill the role of a powerful space traveler, guiding the character through hundreds of dramatic scenarios using a dynamic text-based encounter system."


Point&Click Adventure

Der übellaunige Rufus lebt in einer kleinen Siedlung auf dem Müllplaneten Deponia. Als plötzlich die wunderschöne Goal aus der schwebenden Stadt Elysium in einen benachbarten Müllberg fällt, wittert Rufus seine Chance auf ein besseres Leben und beschließt, sie zurück in ihre Heimat zu bringen.


Racing, puzzle, arcade, action, shooter

I really can't describe it, I've tried so many times and have given up. Seriously, I'm not trying to be difficult or ironic, I really just don't know.

Edna bricht aus

Point&Click Adventure

Als Edna zu sich kommt, findet sie sich in einer Gummizelle wieder. Wie sie dahin gekommen ist? Sie kann sich an nichts erinnern. Doch eins steht fest: Sie wird zu unrecht festgehalten. Immerhin fühlt sie sich geistig vollkommen gesund – und ihr sprechender Stoffhase Harvey ist derselben Ansicht.


Physics game

EMC is an iOS game inspired by nuclear physics, such as the structure of atoms, electromagnetic forces, fusion and fission.


Horror / adventure

Enola is a horror/adventure game about serial killings. You're an unnamed character in a desolate island, without any knowledge on who you are and what you're doing there. In the island, you will visit different locations, solve puzzles and find clues to uncover mysteries about such serial killings.



"FOTONICA is a first person game about jumping, sense of speed and discovery. The key is timing, the goal is exploring and
traveling flawlessly through the environment. The setting is an abstract - mainly duotone - outlined world."

Fox, Ghost and Spacerobot

Arcade/Puzzle/Match Three

"A beautiful match three game!
Meet Fox, Ghost and Spacerobot. Choose three of a kind or three completely different creatures. But watch it, don't touch the ones with the red eyes!
Try to reach the final level to play the game endlessly. "


Twin stick shooter

"Hexodius is an arcade twin stick shooter mixed with some dungeon crawler mechanics. To survive from different types of droid enemies, choose wisely your gear among a lot of unique and powerful items.
Use your two thumbs and your brain to make your way through the Hexodius complex."

Hollow Grounds

Mobile reaction game

The story about the cartographer Piri, who jumps into the planet Ella's dark tunnels. Lucky for him, since the she likes him so much she decides to switch his gravity mid flight so he gets through them unharmed. Rotate and turn your iPhone while the Piri falls down 25 complex entwined levels.


Action platformer

Hue Shift is an addictive endless action platformer. You are controlling a character that can shift its color to red, green and blue. Climb as high as you can by matching your hue to the color of the platforms. Beware, only platforms with your color are solid!

Jesus vs. Dinosaurs

Party game

A game that brings the intelligent to game design. Jesus vs. Dinosaurs is a two player party game, in which players assemble cars from Dinosaur and Jesus parts.

Keys of a gamespace. An expressive game

Adventure game

An expressive game allows you to dive into someone else’s life in order to explore his or her psychological / cultural / social problems. You can experience his or her ethical / moral dilemmas and face the consequences that occur of such situations. KOAG is part of this approach of video games.

King Arthur's Gold

Action Multiplayer

A build 'n kill game where you can play as builder, knight or archer. Build castles, traps and construct sieges to win over the opposing team.


Multiplayer Racing Game

Krautscape is an action-packed multi-player racing game, where the currently leading player builds the track during the race. The track, as the most important part of any racing game, emerges dynamically during gameplay. This leads to a completely unique gaming experience for every race.


Topdown 2D Arcade Jousting/Shooting game


LAZA KNITEZ is a game intended for use on an arcade machine, but it can be played with up to 4 players on a single keyboard as well."

Leds Defender

Strategy / puzzleStrategy / puzzle

"Leds Defender is the combination of a Strategy game and the well-known Simon game. Here, your memory, concentration, and skills are your best weapons. You don't have defensive turrets to repel your enemies, but you can hack their self-destruction codes and take advantage of their weaknesses."


Adventure, Serious Game

Ludwig is a physics game on renewable energies for kids adventurers aged 10+


Casual Game iOS ..SciFi

The player controls a black wobbly dot – black matter – in a top-down view. The challenges include moving around planets with a gravitational pull and avoiding forces of evil that try to damage you. The player is sent out to free all other black dots from the forces of evil.



A new take on the endangered point'n'click genre. McPixel consists of numerous short puzzles where you have 20 seconds to prevent stuff from blowing up. Originally made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 21 competition.

Megabyte Punch


Megabyte Punch is an electro adventure/fighting game in which you build your own fighter. Every creature in the game is made of separate parts. Parts have their own powers and bonuses (like gun arms for a shoot ability) and you can attach them to yourself freely.


Third Person Survival

As a member of an ambitious spacefaring rock band,you find yourself marooned on a faraway planet. Your tourbus is in dire need of repairs. As each bandmember's instrument is linked to his gun, an ever-changing blend of sounds and unique tracks come together as every player levels up individually.

Minion Master

Strategy / Tactics

Minion Master is a Collectible Card Miniature War Videogame. The first of its kind, Minion Master brings together the moment-to-moment tactics of Collectible Card Games with the long-term strategy of Miniature Wargaming.


A lonely subaquatic tophat found a human foot and managed to get it to work. With that newly achieved autonomy, the tophat starts to explore the world, always trying to imitate its human creator.


Adventure / exploration game

MirrorMoon is a first-person puzzle-adventure game set on a uninhabited planet that is experiencing a full solar eclipse. MirrorMoon is about mystery, solitude and feeling lost. It challenges players through real-time juxtaposition of two 3d coordinate systems that coexist in the same game space.


Jump and Run

Neodrome is a 2,5D platform game build from a team of first semester students within 4 month at the Games Academy Berlin. It's a fast paced Jump and Run with the best elements out of different titles mixed up with an unique camera Setting.



Born was created from the absolute nothingness. When he abandons the void and appears in the world, he begins a long odyssey where he will learn how to use the colors around, that will grant him powerful habilities; though he will have to pay a high price.

One Tap Hero

Puzzle platformer

One Tap Hero is a puzzle platformer played with just one button which is context sensitive and behaves differently in distinct environments. Lacking of ordinary control, the player need to not only have agility to avoid hazardous objects but also think while he’s playing the level.

Out There Somewhere

2D puzzle-platformer

It's a retro puzzle-platformer that counts on a teleportation mechanic to solve its challenges. The player takes control of Yuri, the hero of Mother Planet, who’s searching for his arch-enemy Grigori in a distant planet.


Location-based social-game

"Pir8s is a location-based social-game where you check in, and plunder.

Players can be a pirates and plunder the world (via Google Places), or they can be sirens and lure pirates away."

Pirates of New Horizons

3D Jump'n Run/Action Adventure

Pirates of New Horizons is an homage to classic 3D Jump'n Runs, mixed with Action Adventure elements and set in fantastic universe of pirates and science-fiction.

Pitiri 1977

Jump n Run Adventure

Pitiri is a platform game with classic gameplay, set in the year 1977, which is reflected by the detailed, hand-painted graphics. You play as a kid with supernatural powers, whose brother has been kidnapped. In the game you try to retrieve him, venturing through a retro style science fiction world.

Pixel Blocked!


The object of this simple yet challenging puzzle game is to fill in the missing blocks in the outlined image. Shoot blocks against an initial foundation to start and advance through increasingly difficult levels. Make sure to plan ahead and watch out for those tricky Magnetic and Crumble Blocks!

POP: Methodology Experiment One


"POP is an experimental game which explores the reasoning and effects of typical game development methodologies.
POP was developed by first approaching the music and running with the first game concept that happened to emerge during that creative process."

Power of Logic

Logical game, board game, puzzle

Power of Logic is a revival of a classic board game with endless variations. Utilize the power of logic to break power station's secret code. Start the generator to light up the city again. Use your brain to beat the challenge in an intense atmosphere of the age of imagination and great inventions.


Abstract racing

Proun is a strange racing game in a world of geometric objects and large coloured surfaces. You avoid obstacles by rotating around a cable in order to gain us much speed as possible. There is no up or down; there is only the cable to which you are attached.

Pugs Luv Beats

Music Game

Pugs Luv Beats is a music composition game - all of the game audio is generated by the actions of the player. The object of the game is to help your pugs discover the beats they love so much, allowing them to expand to new planets and rebuild their galaxy. In doing so, you generate original music.


Space rocket simulation

Rakete is a cooperative multiplayer game for up to 5 players. Each player controls one thruster on the ship with the goal of landing it safely. Let the insanity commence!

Salmon Race

Skillbased rail-racer with docutainment theme

As a newly hatched salmon you begin your life long journey in a riverbed somewhere in British Columbia. As you evolve through all life stages of a salmon you gain abilities like boost and jump to overcome environmental hazards predators.


Educational Game

SanjigenJiten is a 3D Language Learning game made specifically for gamers. The game incorporates elements from mainstream video games made purely for entertainment. The game was developed in Unity at the University of Tsukuba, Japan.



"In this physics-based platformer you are playing a plant, lost inside cave, which needs to find its way back to the sunlight.
You move forward by spitting your seed on fertile soil and bouncing off of concrete rock.
Developed in 48h at Nordic Game Jam 2012 at IT University of Copenhagen"

SpinDaBoom HD

Puzzle Shooter Arcade

SpinDaBoom HD is an arcade shooter 80s style game for iPhone and iPad. The game is a casual mobile game. It is starting at slow speed but it is getting faster and faster. I released the game February 2012 and its available on The Apple Store. Its my first game and i hope you like it.



Top-Down shooter set in an modern city - a storyline, various weapons, and light/shadow game mechanics.

Static Quest


The Bridge

Casual Puzzle

The Bridge is a 2-D logic-based puzzle game that forces the player to reevaluate their preconceptions of physics and perspective. Manipulate gravity to redefine the ceiling as the floor, and venture through impossible architectures, all within a beautifully hand-drawn black-and-white lithograph.

The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic

Action puzzle game

Lead a blob of pudding through a haunted house. Puzzle your way to the exit and evade monsters waiting in the dark. Scare the monsters back before the pudding quivers and faints: Fight witches, skeletons and knights with an arsenal of weapons, such as the Rat Racer, the Viper Punch or the Kitty Bomb

Thief of Passion


"Thief of Passion is a 2D puzzle game with an outstanding 80's setting.
Laverne knows how to please the ladies. He is the Thief of Passion.
But he needs your help: Plan his path in advance, avoid deadly lasers, find the right doors and solve compelling puzzles in the unique Blueprint Mode."


Tank Shooter

Tunnelers is free to play online action shooter game. Pick a tank and fight with your teammates in epic underground battles.



Use your skills in this Unity-Award-nominated & tranquil physics-puzzler to navigate a fragile ball through dangerous environments, all whilst avoiding enemies and searching for hidden fragments.



It's about a woman called Ute. She meets lots of men who are all in love with her. Ute must have sex as much as she can without being caught and before getting married.

Wanderlust: Rebirth

Online 4 player co-op retro arcade-action RPG

Wanderlust is an online 4 player co-op retro arcade-action RPG. Offering more content than most professionally-funded games including story and survival modes, online high-scores, over 40 enemies types, 3 different endings, AND MUCH MUCH MORE!


Children's Book/Game

"Wimmelburg is an interactive Wimmelbild for children. You'll discover a world full of small events via zooming, swiping and touching.
You can meet clumsy knights, animals and well known fairy tale charaters."


Ios business simulation game

Winzer the classic business simulator of the 90s has now been lovingly reissued for the iPhone/iPad. By today's standards, the blocky graphics and limited color palette aren't easy on the eye but still the game retains its original charm! It is a part of gaming history so look up!

Word Race

Word Party Game

With just one iPhone or iPad, play with up to 20 people around you. Two competing teams fight for the fastest and most amusing way to describe words in a creative manner - because the most compelling terms to explain them are forbidden. Think out of the box!

YourTurn! The Video-Game

Social Network Game

“YourTurn! The Video-Game” ( is a social network game about creating YouTube video mash-ups with other players to diverse topics such as music, cartoons, movie quotes and many more. The game centers on expressive gameplay and creative expression as a means of communication.