A MAZE. Indie Connect 2012


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International artists collaborate in workshops to share their work methods and their expertise with fellow players. The participants sign up to the event in advance and get the opportunity to prepare for the particularities that lie in the use of technologies, programming environments and game designs. The artists originate from very different contexts and are all experienced in the use of technology.

Please send us a mail to workshops@amaze-festival.de to make a reservation. Max. 25 participants for each workshop.

Hendrik Lesser / DE

Workshop - Lessons learned (Apr 27, 11:00)

Successful development and progression of indie studios, their special challenges and the art of staying independent

Hendrik Lesser is managing director of the Munich based production house remote control productions. He is Executive Producer of the development studio Chimera Entertainment as well as a member of the jury of the German Developer Award. He is also an executive board member of the non-profit association “Videospielkultur e.V.” and teaches at different game-specific educational institutes like the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München, the Technische Universität München and the Games Academy.


Anne Katrin Ulrich / DE

Workshop - Game Design for Location Based Games: tripventure – every place tells a story (Apr 27, 14:30)

Hunting down criminals in Berlin, finding hidden objects across London – location-based games attract an increasing number of gamers. While being a lot of fun to play, they hold a variety of challenges for game designers.This workshop kicks-off with an overview of location based games and trends given by Michael Sträubig, professional designer of location based-games. We will shortly introduce tripventure, a new platform for location-based and story-focused games using AR. tripventures combine the key features of point and click adventures (riddles, inventory, game-in-games) with opportunities of location-based gaming.

Anne-Katrin Ulrich is General Manager of tripventure, a platform for location-based and story-focused games realized via the tripengine. tripventure has been developed by sprylab technologies, a young software company based in Berlin.


Peter Kirn / USA

Workshop – Build Games That Sound as Dynamic as They Look, Free, with libpd (Apr 27, 14:30)

Think back to your favorite games: how big an impression did the soundscape make for the ones to which you were really addicted? Isn’t it time to make the sound and music score in your games level up? In this workshop, learn to build dynamic soundtracks and interactive music scores, whether you’re a composer/sound designer or a game designer looking to collaborate with sound and music nerds. We’ll use libpd, a free and open source library based on Pure Data, the powerful tool that allows musicians to program elaborate sounds and generative music graphically. libpd is already used in titles for desktop, iPhones, iPads, and Android (including the wildly-popular Inception: The App). For the purposes of rapid prototyping and getting straight to gameplay, we’ll work with the simple, free, design-friendly tool Processing, but you can apply what you learn to your tools of choice.

What you need to know: Have some basic programming skills. If you haven’t used Processing before, but do know languages like Java, JavaScript, or C#, you’ll have no problem.

Peter Kirn is a music producer, technologist, writer, and editor of createdigitalmusic.com and createdigitalmotion.com. He’s a core contributor to libpd, and has taught Pd and Processing at venues like Parsons: The New School for Design (NYC), Crashspace (LA), and Casa da Musica (Porto, Portugal).