48h Game Jam

Get Creative

Games developers, designers and other enthusiasts come together for one weekend in order to devise new games.

The brief time span of 48 hours (in the model of the incredible Global Game Jam) encourages creative thinking and allows for small but innovative and experimental games. The topic is secret and related to Johannesburg. Collaboratively coding, designing, illustrating, music-making, or whatever necessary, is a wonderful opportunity for participants to expand their horizons, challenge themselves, and meet new people. Start developing a playable game with strangers who share the same passion in just two days!

Universtity of the Witwatersrand, Digital Art Department

Start - End:
Fri August 24 - 5pm
Sun August 26 - 5pm

Hanli Geyser
Alec Larsen

All games will be showcased at the A MAZE. Interact Festival exhibition. Creators have the chance to give a short public presentation of their games on 2nd conferernce day, August 31.
Please check the upcoming festival schedule.