Audiovisual Trips
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While the performances deal with the relation of technology and human senses, the concert itself becomes a performance: It wants to be lived and experienced by eye, ear and mind, when colorful lights and stimulant sounds get generated and flow through bodies connected through one place in time.

Dokta SpiZee

Dokta SpiZee aka Thegooddokta is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and music producer and also one half of the genre deifying music outfit Dirty Paraffin. Between producing music with Dirty Paraffin, deejaying as Dirty Paraffin Radio, art & creative directing for Cuss (an art group) you really can not box this 32 year old. "I'm a man of many hats, I wear all of them with a passion", says thegooddokta real name Zamani Xolo, "I don't see music design and art as separate entities, to me it's just different channels of communicating ideas it's like speaking different languages."

Gangpol&Mit (Sylvain Quément, Guillaume Gastagné)

is a music and graphic duet working on a peculiar world of digital pop inhabited by colourful and geometrical characters - a bestiary that evolves in lysergic musicals and takes part in apocalyptic cartoons. Music jumps from synth assaults and woody flute leads to mondo beats and cinematic harpsichord keys. Meanwhile, on the visual side, salarymen dive into greasy food, call-center employees start a batucada, and computer motherboards are slaughtered on a wild island while some terrorist confettis explode everywhere.

James Webb

is born in Kimberley, South Africa and has participated in exhibitions such as the 2009 Melbourne International Arts Festival and the 9th Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Lyon. After his diploma in copywriting and his B.A. in Drama & Comparative Religion at the University of Cape Town he travelled the world and lived in Japan, Brazil, Spain and Norway. On the concert he will present project Telepylos, which started as he used a psychic to contact and interview the late Orson Welles. Welles urged the artist to “try film.” The results are an immersive, cinematic audio composition designed to activate lucid dreaming and stimulate visionary projection.

Motèl Mari

are João Orecchia, Mpumelelo Mcata and Tshepang Ramoba. Orecchia, is Brooklyn born and schooled wanderer who wound up in Berlin as a “teenager”, messing with experimental punk before moving to South Africa years later. Shortly after landing in Johannesburg in 2004, he heard some talk about a psychedelic afro rock outfit called BLK JKS. They became friends and have been working together ever since. Mpumi and Tshepang would often join João on stage, adding thunderous beats and general bigness to the otherwise textural and floating soundscapes. Slowly they started becoming a band.

Servando Barreiro

is a Spanish-born experimental digital gearhead. He is working with computers and technology since some years now and has done several very different projects. Among them are audio and laser performances, converting a telex machine into a musical instrument, interactive audiovisual systems, video mapping projections, VJ sessions with Moby, Ellen Allien, DJ Hell,… and all kind of experiments with sensors. Barreiro is also sharing his knowledge about building own midi controllers or realtime video in several workshops.