Jump'n' Run Party

Music, Media Art and Games
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80 R

including DJs, live acts, performances, playful visuals, and interactive installations.
Game-inspired music is just one part of the mergence of party and pioneering art work based on experiments with computer game artifacts and aesthetics – expect hardware hack performances, chiptune celebrities, community building, fun, musical adventure games, as well as beautiful synesthetic experiences.


the BLKJKSSNDSYSTM is two quarters of the BLK JKS taking to the DJ booth changing iNtO SUPER hEROES and saving the UNiVERSe ONe beat at a time.
"...it's a chance to look into the collective mind. What powers the creative sub-unconscious' quest? in other words, it's a journey into deep space, the great trek, to the very origins of your soul, to find that groove, that makes you dance and/or transcend - truth !" - 3D glasses sold separately


Ex-Lo-Fi-Neisans, BY HARUO is the solo act of Kunichiro Bueno, hailing from Osaka, Japan. Since November 2011, he has been touring the world and played in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Venezuela, Spain, France and Germany. He wears a mask and a traditional robe, although his music is anything else than traditional. Expect chiptunes mixed with experimental craziness, improvisation and a singing and screaming artist supported by his ape- and godzilla-toys.


Chris Palmer


Joao OrecchiaChris Palmer has been involved in the music industry in Johannesburg, South Africa, for 16 years. He works as a mastering engineer, DJ, VJ and Producer. He has worked with acts like Joseph Capriati, Industrialyser, Hugh Masekela, Seether, Soweto String Quartet, Soweto Gospel Choir, Chris Liberator, Brenda Fassie, Jozi, Vusi Mahlasela, Adam White, Just Jinger, Oskido and DJ Fresh. Chris has run two very successful dance nights, Mntl and MinTex. He won the DJ Mag mix of the month in October 2007 and his winning mix was broadcast on London's Kiss FM. He is resident DJ and VJ at Teknotribe.


Joao Orecchia


is an artist and self taught non-musician who has been making music for many years. His fascination is in squeezing sounds out of anything and layering them on top of other sounds squeezed out of other things; from guitars to manipulated circuits and banjos to field recordings.
He has been exploring ideas of randomness and perceived meaning and composition using found sound and field recordings and creating graphic scores. Through experimentation and improvisation Orecchia investigates the physicality of sound, seeking a balance between computer technology, hand made electronics and real world sounds such as the human voice and traditional musical instruments.



is artist, musician, producer and cultural agitator Rigo Pex, who organized raves for more than 8,000 people in Guatemala at an age of 18. As the civil war ended, he begun co- producing contemporary art soirees, collaborating with artists honored at the Venice Biennale, and was invited to Paris, Toronto, Miami and Mexico. Pex co-founded MicroBCN, a group of chiptune artists in Barcelona, which gave rise to MENEO, as which he shared stages with artists like Kavinski, Crystal Castles and Digitalism. Electropical beats: It’s 8-Bit with soul.



Producer Ootz Tha Afronaut has been a name buzzing through the music scene since 2003. Lending his production talents to Some of South Africa's most notable lyricists while blessing the masses with his unique beat exhibitions. He brings to A Maze festival his one of a kind live show Performed on the classic Korg ES-1 where melodies, drums and musical laws are bent to provide this incredible live experience. A born performer and entertainer he promises to bring another memorable sonic experience for your enjoyment.


T/ Racer

8bit Grandpa

He is old... super old and he love 8bit culture and music.

WiiJ Timski

became bored with the standard DJ setup. By using technology developed in the game industry, it is now possible to control a complex DJ setup with just your own body. Using the stage, completely freed from any hardwired equipment, Timski is able to make sounds and control his equipment. This makes the electronic DJ performance not only interesting to watch – it is also a more interesting and fun experience for the Dutch artist himself. Expect breakbeats, drum’n’bass and dubstep all mixed together by his body movement.