Games and Movies

The big screen! Movies made with and in computergames let us live new experiences.

Machinimas, which combines the terms machine, animation and cinema in one word, open a new world of puppeteering and the way movies are made. As game-engines get more powerful, a broad spectrum of styles and possibilities become available to artists. In cooperation with Bioscope - Independent Cinema we will show on the last day of the festival the international awarded documentary Indie Game: The Movie.

Bioscope Support Movies

The Bioscope is an innovative independent cinema located in downtown Johannesburg. The aim of the project as always been to increase the diversity of content on South African cinema screens thereby becoming an important cultural space in the city of Johannesburg. In bringing new films to new audiences, The Bioscope has helped play a fundamental role in growing new markets for new films, becoming a vital mechanism in developing local audiences for locally & internationally produced cinema. It is about invigorating a new appreciation of film as an art form, celebrating the medium and bring exciting cinema to as wide an audience as possible, which makes it possible to show supporting Machinimas, movies made in and with computergames, before every movie for the time of the festival.

Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie was created by two people, James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They have been working on the project for over a year, gathering stories from indie game developers all over North America. They have done all the producing, directing, cinematography, editing, and writing for the feature film and all the web videos made during the process.

Night of Machinima on Tour

The opening of the Festival will occur in the urban space as an open air screening of machinimas, selected by the Berlin-based Night of Machinima. This artform of mixing an interactive medium with the visual style of a movie is going in an unknown direction: Directing, acting and producing machinimas can be done by a one man army in realtime and therefore has no need to stop at creating animated movies. It could be digital puppet theater. Let’s bring the medium to more popularity and celebrate the diversity of topics, technique and culture!

Curator: Matthias Löwe