Interdisciplinary Exchange

As an essential part of staging a collaborative festival, workshops take place prior to the event itself and function as incubator for effective synergies between South African and European culture due to their interdisciplinary. Interaction is not only about presentation but also about sharing, learning, and exchanging: Invited artists teach best practices by using development frameworks and technology for artistic and media reflecting approaches. Workshop participants gain also insights into trends and methods used in current art practices, which range from do-it-yourself principles to hardware hacking and software modifications, and include such diverse platforms as openFrameworks, Arduino, Pure Data, Wii Remotes, and commercial game engines.

Limited Game Design

During the last few years, game jams and similar events have shown how time and topic constraints are a great context in which simple but strong ideas can evolve. In the LIMITED GAME DESIGN workshop we explore this development style to find new possibilities of such limits and constraints to improve our game design and prototyping process.

Date: Saturday September 1 2012
Time: 16:00-18:00
Location: Alexander Theatre, Stage
Capacity: 25 participants
Fee: 50R (be paid at the info desk at Alexander Theatre)

Reservation: - Subject: Mario v. Rickenbach

This workshop is supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

Tutor: Mario v. Rickenbach

Puredata & Sensors

Puredata is a free/open source software that serves for many things. among them, making music, projecting videos and using sensors to control an "electronic performance". People attending this workshop will learn pd from the basics: background, installation, possibilities, connecting, editing, help, basic objects in pd, advanced objects, creating our own objects, interconnecting with other softwares/ laptops, osc, midi... After this pd workshop, anyone will be able to understand how pd works and where to look for in order to construct your own audiovisual customized software.

Servando will show how to connect any kind of analog sensor into puredata (or also any other midi software) in order to control video or audio patches. We will use the inexpensive minitronics board ( that it's a plug&play / multiplatform sensor board ready to work with any system without need to program it or do anything else than plug it into the computer.. He will supply materials to made a first experiment with sensors.

Date: Saturday September 1 2012
Time: 14:00-18:00
Location: Alexander Theatre, Stage
Capacity: 20 participants
Fee: 50R (be paid at the info desk at Alexander Theatre)

Reservation: - Subject: Servando Barreiro

Bring your own computer for this workshop and install the latest version of pure data.

If you like to buy your own minitronic board after the workshop: 200R

For more info about what is puredata & so you can check here:

Tutor: Servando Barreiro

Wii, WiiGuitar and Kinect hacks for live electronic performances and installation art

How can we make live laptop performances a better experience, both for the performer and the audience? During the workshop Timski will explain how he used techniques like Max/MSP and ableton with the Wii Remote and WiiGuitar and will demonstrate parts of his own software, which will be available for free after the workshop. Timski will also show his software developed for the Kinect.

The workshop is intended for
- People generally interested in making use of the Wii Remote and or Kinect for electronic music performances
- Beginning or advanced creative programmers ( making use of Max/MSP )
- DJ's who are looking for a way to spice up their performance

Date: Friday August 31 2012
Time: 19:00-22:00
Location: Alexander Theatre, Stage
Capacity: 25 participants
Fee: 50R (be paid at the info desk at Alexander Theatre)

Reservation: - Subject: WiiJ Timski

It is useful to bring your:

  • MacBook
  • Kinect
  • Wii Remote
  • (NunChuck)
  • (WiiGuitar )

Tutor: Tim Groeneboom (aka WiiJ Timski)