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A Maze. Interact

About A MAZE. Interact

...celebrating the convergence of games, art, and music.

.HBC, SPA and WMF, Berlin

With A MAZE. Interact ...celebrating the convergence of games, art and music, the increasing convergence of computer games and music will be demonstrated and discussed through an international festival. Especially technology, interaction and performance provide surprising parallels for games and music – although process and result of the experiences may look very different on the surface. Play forms the intersection that wants to be explored.

Interact Symposium

The Future of Music, Games + Art

Jan 31 2010
Day pass or festival ticket

The A MAZE. Interact Symposium provides the theoretical backdrop for the theme of convergences between computer games and music. Both media blur the borders between pop culture and high culture. Both are based on the creative design of new experiences. Both can entertain. Both can cause despair. Both thrive from and with other media. Using computer games as a starting point, the lectures of top-class international speakers offer fascinating insights into the networks and strategies applied by a complex media compound, which challenge and alter existing production and reception methods.

Workshops + Seminars

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With four extravagant workshops, invited artists of A MAZE. Interact share their insights into the technological side of games, art, and music. In doing so, the program itself represents the convergence of different presentation formats. Each of the course instructors is part of another festival module.
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Interact Installations

Location: .HBC

Jan 29 2009 - Feb 6 2009

The convergence of computer games and music allows for a higher level of sonic creativity by reinterpreting the creation of music as such. A joystick can not only be an interface for the control of a synthesizer or drum machine. It also provides new forms of haptic experience as well as of auditory access to music. This innovation is, in fact, enforced by substituting the controller for a visual detection of the player’s performance and by translating this performance into music. In doing so, the access to music becomes more direct and intuitive at the same time. Thus, game art dealing with musical content is like developing new musical instruments.

Jump’n Run Bonus Cheat

Music and Performance at WMF

Feb 2 2010 - Feb 3 2010
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This clubnight forms the closing party of A MAZE. Interact. A mix of game-inspired music, live acts, and DJ-sets combined with interactive installations, playful visuals, and exhibits based on computer games is bound to create an all-encompassing highlight to the festival experience. Two floors interspersed with several interactive enhancements invite you to celebrate the convergence of games, art, and music.

Music-Games Exhibition

Jan 29 2010 - Feb 6 2010

17 different computer games with music at the core of their gameplay: highlights of an ongoing convergence between the music and game industries.

Games Culture Circle (GCC)

Interdisciplinary Talk Show + Lounge Event

Jan 30 2010
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This talk show event is part of an ongoing cooperation with the Computerspiele Museum Berlin. In order to establish a serious discourse on video game culture, high profile international speakers with backgrounds in game development, journalism, business, music, film, fashion, art, and many more, are invited to share their visions and insights on a continuous level. The GCC does not only bring people together in a relaxed atmosphere for an inspiring chat about the convergence of games, art, and everyday life; moreover, one of the core ideas is to build up networks that go beyond foreseeable groups of people who share the same interests. It is about interdisciplinary inspiration and encouraging unexpected partnerships. Breaking new ground is key.

Global Game Jam (GGJ)

Jan 29 2010 - Jan 31 2010
20 €

SPA, Friday, January 29 – Sunday 31, 2010
Final Presentation:
.HBC, Sunday, January 31, 2010, 15:00

Creating games collaboratively within 48 hours – that is the core premise
of every game jam. This one, taking place from Friday 15:00 to Sunday
15:00, is special: on over 120 sites worldwide, people come together
and do not stop coding, designing, illustrating, making music, playing
or whatever else it takes to make good games, until they have created
just that: good games.