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About A MAZE. Interact

...celebrating the convergence of games, art, and music.

.HBC, SPA and WMF, Berlin

With A MAZE. Interact ...celebrating the convergence of games, art and music, the increasing convergence of computer games and music will be demonstrated and discussed through an international festival. Especially technology, interaction and performance provide surprising parallels for games and music – although process and result of the experiences may look very different on the surface. Play forms the intersection that wants to be explored.

Within the 5+2 modules consisting of the symposium, workshops, music-games exhibition, installations and performances and the A MAZE. Jump’n Run Bonus Cheat, A MAZE. Interact aims to highlight convergences between music and games on various levels. There are two extra levels allowing for deeper reflection: the Games Culture Circle and the Global Game Jam. In doing so, the everyday use of the computer game as a cultural and industrial product, structural transformations of the cultural economy and developments within the field of contemporary music and art are focused upon and connected. Playful interaction encourages interpersonal exchange.

The festival appeals to both professionals and to an audience that is interested in music, games and media.

Accreditations and tickets for CTM.10 are valid for the A MAZE. Interact events.

There are 5 modules, inviting for participation:

Plus the 2 extra levels:

A MAZE. Interact will take place at the same time and in close cooperation with CTM.10 - OVERLAP (Club Transmediale 2010). CTM.10 is a partner event of Transmediale 2010.