A MAZE. Indie Connect brings together international indie developers, creatives and game enthusiast in Berlin, the city of creation, no borders, best clubs and an amazing games scene.

Last Night of Machinima of the year! We'll end it as humoristic as possible with the best music clips of 2012.

You know that moment you'll remember a long time? Looking back, these moments happen in slow motion - everything seems to stand still. In the movies, this effect is often used excessively.

Playlist 2012:
01 - A MAZE. Indie Connect - The Moments
02 - A MAZE. "The Most Amazing Game" Award
03 - Keynote by Jonatan Söderström
04 - Lecture by Martin Nerurkar

A MAZE. Night of Machinima On Tour has a screening at the Campus Party Europe in Berlin, the biggest electronic entertainment event in the world.

Teaser video for A MAZE. Interact the 1st International Games / Media Art Festival in Johannesburg. Video by Emily Völker. Footage selection out of past A MAZE. Events.

Together, A MAZE. Night of Machinima and MUTANTENKINO present the virtual preparation to the last days.