1378 (km), through the medium of the computer game, allows for an immersive and interactive journey into sections of the inner-German border in the year 1976. There are two parties in the game, the first being the East German Border Guards, and second being the East German Refugees. The objective of the refugees is to get over the death strip to flee to West Germany. The objective of the border guards is to prevent that refugees cross the border. At first glance the serious game 1378(km) appears to be an ordinary first-person shooter, which is due to the fact that it is based on one.

A few years ago games like “Braid”, “Everyday Shooter” and “flOw” created an awareness among the public that independtly developed games could be something very special. Through innovation and uniqueness the indie scene started to grow and made a place for itself in the games industry. Discussions went rampant about whether games could be considered an artform or not, and developers were talking about the evolution and maturing of our medium. It was truly a time of inspiration. Since then hits like “Minecraft” have shown that indies are even able to compete with mainstream productions in terms of audience. But what are the consequences of gaining such success? Where are we heading now and why?

The A MAZE. Indie Games Award Trophy is the object of desire. Skip through the picture frame to follow the illustrated progress. After a simple design idea by Anjin Anhut and Thorsten S. Wiedemann the artists ...

What are the aims and who is this project for?
Everyone loves games and everyone has probably played a game before. That's why A MAZE. Indie Connect is a big digital playground for everyone who likes games, like indie game designers, creatives in the field of interactive entertainment, coders, musicians, game connoisseurs, an arts and culture interested public, digital natives, media scientists, audiovisual artists, 8-bit enthusiasts, and many more...

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Night of Machinima VI: Science/Fiction

Mit neuer Bühne und frischem Wind diskutiert Uke Bosse bei der ersten Talkshow diesen Jahres mit unseren fantastischen Gästen Jan Hegenberg, René Walter und Mathias Mertens das Thema "Gamer stinken".

A MAZE. Indie Connect has officially opened submissions for the 2012 A MAZE. Indie Games Award being held in the framework of the Deutsche Gamestage 2012 in Berlin April 26-27. The A MAZE. Indie Connect is the first full package Indie Games Festival in Germany in Berlin, and in Europe including a conference, workshops, exhibition, party and award ceremony.