Wii Remote Hacking

Seminar by Tim Groeneboom aka WiiJ Timski (NL)
Feb 1, 18:30 - 21:00

February 01, 2010, 18:30 – 21:00

What to do if you are a DJ and bored of the standard DJ setup? For a start, you could write a piece of software that enables you to hook up a few Wiimotes to your laptop. No? Well, Tim Groeneboom did just that! His hack enables him to perform a complete set by physically moving. In the seminar you will learn how to use the Wii Remote or WiiGuitar as mixing tools and get some hints on how to connect these game controllers to the music-software of your choice. Perhaps Tim will also let you have a go at playing…

During the seminar Timski will explain about the techniques he used, like Max/MSP and ableton live and give a demonstration of his own sampling tool "the wiiguitar sampler". He will also give away pieces "the wiiguitar sampler" to people that are interested. The idea of using the Wii Remotes and extensions is that a electronic performer can interact with their equipment in a more physical and natural way, the feeling of being in a club and seeing an actual artist perform instead of seeing someone behind a laptopscreen checking his mail was the main purpose of developing this software.

Tim Groeneboom is a game + interface artist based in Utrecht. As WiiJ Timski he will also perform at the Jump'n Run Bonus Cheat.