Soon! Games Culture Circle - Sept. 1, 2011 - Artificial Intelligence

Close to the IFA and the Medienwoche "Content meets Technology", A MAZE. comes up with "Artificial Technology"as the topic for the upcoming Games Culture Circle. Uke Bosse and the A MAZE. team are inviting you to join and participate the live show sept 1, 2011 at .HBC!

Verena V. Hafner:
"Intelligence can only develop through interaction."

Frank Gwosdz:
"The most important thing about intelligence is the art of using it."

Mathias Fuchs:
"Artificial Intelligence Research has undergone massive changes since it first had its glorious days in the 60s. When using gaming environments as a testbed, AI starts from a complex setting - instead of building one from the objectives of the problems under investigation. With Games the problems are already there, and the environment has already been built. Duck and cover for the solutions...."

Krach der Roboter:
"When too perfect, lieber Gott böse.“ as Nam June Paik once said. Human brains should not overly be ashamed by almighty processors. Small is beautiful."