A MAZE. / Johannesburg 2013

2nd International Games/ Media Art Festival

A MAZE. is the second international Games / Media Art Festival to be held in Johannesburg and will use spaces across Braamfontein, taking games and media art expression to the public in a way you never expected.

A MAZE. Indie Pop Up

A MAZE. Indie Pop Up is a mobile event format with the goal of presenting Indie Games in a broader context within media art festivals, music festivals and creative industry events. At the Kick-off at Republika Festival in Rijeka A MAZE. presents...

A MAZE. Interact 2012

Johannesburg is about to be taken over by the most unique art festival in history.

A MAZE. Indie Connect 2012

We connect the International Indie Game Scene in Berlin.

A MAZE. Indie Connect brings together international indie developers, creatives and enthusiast in Berlin, the city of creation, no borders, best clubs and an amazing games scene.

On April 26 and 27, you can expect two days of inspiration, skill, celebration and play. Talks and workshops give you insights and help your craft evolve, while exhibitions and game showcases give plenty of opportunity to play and enjoy your favorite art form.

Games Culture Circle

Games Culture Circle will feature artists, game designers, performers, film directors and other players on the contemporary media and arts scene, who will discuss digital games culture in an interdisciplinary setting. Andreas Lange, director of the Computerspielemuseum Berlin, is our resident expert who will contribute his knowledge and experience to the debate.

Game Culture Circle is explicitly not an academic format but focuses on the exchange of experiences, opinions, and visions. We are interested in games, the people who play them, and the emotions they elicit.

A Maze. Interact

...celebrating the convergence of games, art, and music.

.HBC, SPA and WMF, Berlin

With A MAZE. Interact ...celebrating the convergence of games, art and music, the increasing convergence of computer games and music will be demonstrated and discussed through an international festival. Especially technology, interaction and performance provide surprising parallels for games and music – although process and result of the experiences may look very different on the surface. Play forms the intersection that wants to be explored.

A MAZE. / Berlin 2014

After two years of A MAZE. Indie Connect, we decided to change the name of the festival to A MAZE. / Berlin.

A MAZE. JUMP'N RUN Special Edition

DGT 11 - 5. Gamestage und Entwicklerkonferenz Quo Vadis - offizielle Abschlussparty

In der Clubnacht A MAZE. Jump n Run wird die Verbindung von interaktiver Kunst und Musik spielerisch erprobt und erfahrbar gemacht. Eine Kombination aus Bandauftritten, Live Acts und DJ-Sets auf der einen und interaktiven Installationen, spielerischen Visuals und computerspielbasierten Ausstellungsobjekten auf der anderen Seite macht den Festraum zu einem umfassenden künstlerischen Erlebnis. Die Architektur des Clubs wird in der Umsetzung aktiv eingebunden.

A MAZE. Indie Connect 2011

DGT 11 - 5. Gamestage Berlin und Entwicklerkonferenz Quo Vadis - BCC - Alexanderstr. 11 - Raum B 05 - Uhrzeit: 16.30 - 18:30

Deutsche Gamestage: Erstmals mit Konferenz für Indie-Entwickler

Premiere bei den Deutschen Gamestagen 2011! Auf der A MAZE. Indie Connect diskutieren Indie-Entwickler den Status Quo der hiesigen Szene.

Indie-Games haben mittlerweile den Sprung vom Kult zum kommerziellen Erfolg vollzogen. Innovative Spielkonzepte die ohne teure Engines, Lizenzen und aufwendige Grafiken auskommen, begeistern mittlerweile Massen an Spielern. Die A MAZE. Indie Connect bietet deutschen Indie-Entwicklern erstmals eine Plattform um Trends und den aktuellen Stand der deutschsprachigen Szene zu besprechen.

A MAZE. United

official satellite exhibition of transmediale 11

Feb 2 2011 - Feb 5 2011
1 €

Vernissage: 2 February, 18:00
Finissage: 5 February, 18:00

systM gallery, Torstraße 68, 10119 Berlin
Opening times: Venue 18:00 – 22:00, Bar 18:00 – 02:00