A MAZE. Projects Timeline

About A MAZE.

By combining courage for experimentation and joy in gaming, A MAZE. celebrates the convergence of computer games and art. A MAZE. is more than simply a festival – it is a series of events as well as a conceptual format that offers a regularly emerging platform for interdisciplinary exchange. Creatives are encouraged to break down the conventional computer game and surpass established concepts of play.

A MAZE. emerges regularly with exhibitions, lectures, workshops, or concerts and creates a platform to communicate, express ideas, learn from each other and playfully experiment together. This reveals the creative and cultural potential that lies behind the ambivalent medium of the computer game. Playful interaction encourages interpersonal exchange. Intersections with related media such as film, TV, literature or music offer further sources for inspiration. A MAZE. was founded in January 2008 in Berlin. At their heart all projects realized since then center around the presentation and production of art, culture, and science. A MAZE. combines enjoyment with critical reflection.