About A MAZE. Indie Pop Up

A MAZE. Indie Pop Up is a mobile event format with the goal of presenting Indie Games in a broader context within media art festivals, music festivals and creative industry events. At the Kick-off at Republika Festival in Rijeka A MAZE. presents beside the inspiring talks by Zuraida Buter, Lea Schönfelder, Marek Plichta, Rami Ismail, Pippin Barr, Simon Bachelier, Thorsten S. Wiedemann and the workshop by Mario v. Rickenbach a selection of the hottest indie games nowadays including the winner of the 2nd International A MAZE. Indie Games Award for The Most Amazing Indie Game 2013 Spaceteam by the Henry Smith plus Luftrausers by Vlambeer, Spirits by Spaces of Play, Perfect Woman by Lea Schönfelder, Rakete by Mario v. Rickenbach, Mumble Indie Bungle by Pippin Barr and a collection of Local Multiplayer Games for Touchscreen Devices selected by Lorenzo Pilia. Another highlight is the A MAZE. Night of Machinima curated hour by Matthias Löwe and the Game Jam coordinated by Zuraida Buter.

Dates: July 18-20, 2013
Festival: Republika
City: Rijeka

Festival website: