Screenshot of Spirits

A MAZE. proudly presents Spirits

Spirits is an innovative action-puzzle game that won the “Best Aesthetics” Award at this year’s IndieCade festival and has been selected for the Sense of Wonder Night at the Tokyo Game Show.

In Spirits players need to find creative solutions to guide a set number of spirits towards the goal. The spirits can be used to manipulate wind, dig tunnels and build bridges of leaves. Sound and music are done completely with orchestral musical instruments. In combination with the beautifully hand-drawn graphics this gives the game a unique poetic feel.

The game is available today for the iPad for $4.99. A version for iPhone and iPod touch including Retina Display support will follow later this year.

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In Spirits players are given the possibility to solve every level in their own creative way. The dynamic wind simulation and destructible level geometry allow for this kind of emergent game play. The wind takes some control away from the player, but also guides indirectly. Being helpful but hard to master, the wind can be the player’s friend and enemy at the same time. When the spirits reach the edge of a cliff or a leaf, they will jump up in the air. When in air the spirits will fly with the wind. On the ground the wind does not have any effect on the spirits.

Spirits features a custom online leaderboard for each of the game’s 40 levels. Players can achieve a higher world rank by saving as many spirits as possible and by collecting all hard-to-reach plants in a level.


Spaces of Play is an independent game studio based in Berlin, Germany. We create games for the iOS platforms with a strong focus on original ideas, gameplay and polish. Our first project Mr. Bounce was released for the iPhone in October 2009.

Mattias Ljungström – Game Design, Level Design, Code
Marek Plichta – Game Design, Level Design, Art Direction
Martin Straka – Music, Sound Design
Andreas Zecher – Promotion, Web Development, Level Design