A Cable Plays - Chris Sugrue (US) and Damian Stewart (NZ)

WMF Main Floor: Performance by Chris Sugrue (US) and Damian Stewart (NZ)
Feb 2, 22:00 - 22:30

A performance inspired by the hidden codes of human behavior and the hidden logic of games. Two players interact playfully in this installation.

By using threads and needles, the players create visual structures from a game. The musical intensity and the visual complexity depend on the actions of the players. If the intensity reaches a maximum level, the performer has to destroy his creation. A video projection displays the visuals generated.

A Cable Plays is an audio-visual performance where two performers appear to be engaged in a strange game or ritual. As they take turns pinning bits of yarn across an arcane game board, an augmented video of their play-space reveals a world coming to life between the patterns.

The work was inspired by hidden rules between people, in the underlying mathematics of games, and the patterns and behaviors that can emerge from simple rule sets. In this performed narrative, the two players choices influence the audio and visual components. The piece opens with simple abstract organic shapes that resemble cells or nuclei that evolve into more complex forms and feedback. Rising complexity in both the visuals and audio eventually climaxes to a point where the players have no choice but to destroy their creation and leave their mystical world in ruin.

Chris Sugrue is an artist and programmer from the United States. Her works experiment with the often magical or illusory possibilities of technology creating fictional worlds that bleed into reality.

Her software-driven artworks have taken the form of interactive installations, live audio-visual performances, and algorithmic animations. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design and has been an artist-in-residence at Eyebeam, Hangar, Harvestworks and La Casa De Velazquez. Sugrue is part of the openFrameworks development group.

Damian Stewart is an artist, interaction designer, and creative software programmer, originally from New Zealand and currently based in Europe.

His installation and performance work are driven by a desire to explore and communicate new kinds of experiences – e.g. through creating senses of space that transcend the immediate physical environment of the viewer. Recent work includes projections, light performances, iPhone applications, custom electronics development, and environment sonification projects. Stewart is part of the openFrameworks development group.

Both will also give a workshop on Experimental Programming with openFrameworks.