OPENING: A Battre - Raphaël Isdant (F)

Musical Battle
Jan 29, 18:00

‘A Battre’ is an invitation to play ‘Tekken 3’ via a physical drum-set. The drum kit is the interface and each drum controls an action on screen.

The players get involved in an ambivalent battle: the ludic fight in the computer game is made audible through percussion music, whilst the virtuosity of the drum-performance decides upon win or lose.

Will the players try to win the battle or will they just focus on playing the drums? Here gamers and musicians alike are addressed, as the interface provides access to an environment familiar to both: a game and a rock stage. We encounter musical instruments converging with a computer game in a performance that is half-game and half-sound. The performance is supported by Namco Bandai.

Raphaël Isdant is a self-taught autodidact artist based in Paris. He virtually lives in front of the computer where he has created several ludic works concerning music, interaction, and game art. His focus lies on installations and interfaces. He also works as researcher at the ENSAD Lab (National School of Decorative Arts, Paris).

A Battre will be part of the A MAZE. Interact and CTM.10 - Overlap Opening Ceremony.

Raphaël Isdant also gives the workshop: DIWO – Arduino and Pure Data.