Leonard J. Paul (CA)

Droppin' Science: Video Game Audio Breakdown
Jan 31, 17:30 - 18:15

Musician, composer, video game audio coder. Teacher at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and lecturer at diverse events like the Game Developers Conference and the New Forms Festival.

Leonard J. Paul attained his Honours Degree in Computer Science at Simon Fraser University specializing in Electro-acoustics. Apart from working on a multitude of games, such as EA's 'Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2' and Rockstar's 'Max Payne 2', he also composed the soundtrack of the award-winning documentary 'The Corporation', and DJs as 'Freaky DNA'.

"Droppin' science is simply giving knowledge on a topic and in this case, the topic is interactive music. A breakdown in music is when the music is stripped down the bare essentials, so this talk will do the same by stripping away the layers around how game audio works down to the core. Related fields of live electronic music performance, interactive audio in art installations and more will also be covered to show how they all share essential elements in the nature of their production and transmission to the audience and participants."

Leonard Paul also gives a seminar on Game Audio Design.