Games Culture Circle

About Games Culture Circle

Games Culture Circle will feature artists, game designers, performers, film directors and other players on the contemporary media and arts scene, who will discuss digital games culture in an interdisciplinary setting. Andreas Lange, director of the Computerspielemuseum Berlin, is our resident expert who will contribute his knowledge and experience to the debate.

Game Culture Circle is explicitly not an academic format but focuses on the exchange of experiences, opinions, and visions. We are interested in games, the people who play them, and the emotions they elicit.

Gamer stinken

A MAZE. präsentiert
"GAMES CULTURE CIRCLE – It’s not a game, it’s a talkshow":

THEMA: „Gamer stinken.“

- Jan Hegenberg, der Barde der Gamer,

Fuck the Magic Circle. Do we need Games Ethics!?


Games Culture Circle: Fuck the Magic Circle. Do we need Game Ethics!?

Datum: Sa. 30. September 2011
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Beginn: 19:30 Uhr

Fares Kayali (Artist)

Artificial Intelligence

5 €

Talk Show Guests:

Frank Gwosdz (game ai developer)
Verena Hafner (scientist)
Krach der Roboter (musician)
Mathias Fuchs (artist)

Uke Bosse

Krach der Roboter (live concert)
AI Prototyping: a gamestrom experiment - start 6.00pm


Jun 16 2011

Julian Oliver, artist
Greg Trefry, game designer
Claudia Becker, media researcher
Kristoffer Gansing, artistic director

Uke Bosse

Plus Game:
The Duel by Greg Trefry
Plus Installation:
Double Ego Xray by

Play Money


Entrance: 18:30
Start: 19:30


  • Jason Della Rocca (Games business consultant)



Jan 13 2011

Entrance: 18:30
Start: 19.30


Did you ever want to look through walls or into the future? Be invincible, or let a robot do the work while everyone else is slaving away? In computer games, it’s easy to gain advantage. All you need is a cheat code. Cheating is not just about taking a shortcut to victory, but also about circumventing the rules, breaking them, or redefining them altogether. Cheaters are playing with, not by the rules. Forbidden fruits are always sweeter.



Oct 28 2010 - Oct 29 2010

Entrance: 18:30
Start: 19.30

Games have been credited with a number of useful side effects – from increasing productivity to making us into better human beings. But wait: what about fun? Isn’t play supposed to be fun? What ever happened to our right to escape into the virtual worlds of games? We want useless, purposeless, unserious games!

Game Design Workshop with Eric Zimmerman and Nathalie Pozzi

In cooperation with Invisible Playground

Oct 30 2010

A MAZE. & Invisible Playground ( present:

Knee Games

Sexy - Artsy - Indie

Games Culture Circle

May 18 2010

After a fantastic Games Culture Circle (GCC) at the A MAZE. Interact Festival in January we like to invite you to the upcoming talk-show with indie game design star Heather Kelley.

The topics to discuss range from indie games development and business, game prototype funding, new forms of distribution, sexual content in video games, games in galleries, the relationship of games and art.

Games vs. Music ?

Games Culture Circle

Jan 30 2010

On an economic level, smash hits like ‘SingStar’, ‘Lips’, ‘Guitar Hero’, ‘DJ Hero’, and ‘Rock Band’ should not be viewed as competition to the music industry, but as an alternative to established chan

Star Portrait: Ralph H. Baer

Timeline - History of Video Games Presentation

Jul 29 2009

The Future of Software

Games Culture Circle - Lecture with Alan N. Shapiro

May 7 2009

We stand on the threshold of a paradigm shift in computer science.
Since the Second World War generation of information theorists such
as Alan Turing, John von Neumann, Norbert Wiener, and Claude Shannon, 
we have operated within the paradigm of digital or binary computing.
In the next years, Artificial Life, quantum computing in software,
 and complex adaptive systems will emerge. A-Life is a paradigm of 
software as living organism rather than as mechanistic machine. It 
will be fundamentally more powerful in what it can do than existing 
informatic programs. It will have the properties of self-learning,
real-time systemic awareness, and autonomous thinking. More powerful
 software can be of great benefit to humanity.

German Video Game-Award: Games a Heritage?

Games Culture Circle

Mar 5 2009

On March 31st, 2009, the German Video Game-Award will be conferred for the first time by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Bernd Neumann, and the game-associations BIU, G.