A MAZE. Interact 2012

Johannesburg is about to be taken over by the most unique art festival in history.

Festival Booklet, Programme and Animation.

Please download the programme here:

Jump'n' Run Party

Music, Media Art and Games

80 R

Music is and has always been the prime medium of human-human interaction. The festival therefore features a club night with both African and European programs


Audiovisual Trips


The audience sits down as international artists invite them to an extraordinary journey through audio and visual acts.

48h Game Jam

Get Creative

Games developers, designers and other enthusiasts come together for one weekend in order to devise new games.


Games and Movies

The big screen! Movies made with and in computergames let us live new experiences.


Interdisciplinary Exchange

Invited artists teach best practices by using development frameworks and technology for artistic and media reflecting approaches.

Public Play

Breaking Boundaries

Play conquers urban spaces as the city creates a stage for games, performance and interaction between everyone in this place.


Lectures and Panels

Focusing on the convergence of media art and games, a symposium provides the opportunity to present projects as well as to discuss and reflect upon games in the context of media theory.


Arcade and Installations

The exhibition will show artistic computer games, interactive and playful installations, video documentations of public intervention and games.


(Inter)national Artists





Hotline Miami

In an alternative version of Miami in the late 1980s someone is trying to reach you. Strange voices on your answering machine seem to urge you to commit terrible acts of violence.


Limited Game Design

During the last few years, game jams and similar events have shown how time and topic constraints are a great context in which simple but strong ideas can evolve.


WiiJ Timski

became bored with the standard DJ setup. By using technology developed in the game industry, it is now possible to control a complex DJ setup with just your own body.

(Jump'n' Run Party)